The project is co-funded by European Union
and by National Funds of Greece & Albania
under the IPA Cross-Border PROGRAMME
"Greece - Albania 2007-2013"


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1st TPNM Conference, B2B Session Vlora, 12 November 2012


The Tourism Promotion to New Markets-TPNM aims to increase competitiveness of the Cross Border (CBC) area as a common tourist product.

Given the expansion of E-tourism market and the corresponding reduction  of conventional distribution channels, TPNM’s mission is to upgrade the electronic display, management and distribution of the tourism product. This 1st TPNM Conference answers questions raising from the above text and we would be more than pleased to convey the information and messages to you.



The 1-st International Conference of  TPNM project, held in Vlora in November 12, 2012, was organised in accordance with the objectives of the communication plan of

Vlora ne 100 vjetorin e pavaresisethe project and managed to achieve the expected results.

The conference organising team, compounded of external staff as well as staff of Vlora Regional Council and ATA, enabled a coordination of actions and actors involved under this event ensuring a high level of attendance and interest. This document provides details on the conference organisation and development before during and after the event.

Date of Conference: 12 November 2012

The date of the conference was set in agreement with the partners of  TPNM and in accordance with the activity calendar approved in the previous Steering Committee.

Venue: Vlora International Hotel,  Vlore 

As foreseen in the project, the Conference was organized by Vlora Regional Council authority, the Albanian Lead Partner in the project. The event was hosted in Vlora International Hotel.

Decision of hosting the event in the particular venue was taken based upon the following criteria successfully met by the respective hotel & conference unit:

-        It sits in a convenient location in the center of Vlora City providing adequate facilities for the organization of a conference.

-        The hotel provides 1 conference room and 1 meeting room.

-        The conference room has a capacity of over 100 seats

-        It offers specific space for media and mobility options

-        It meets visibility criteria

-        It distinguishes for the very correct quality of services

-        It offers translator’s booth and audio system (including headphones)

-        The hotel offers catering for the participants

-        The hotel holds a Quality Management Award issued by ATA, USAID & Ministry of Tourism,  Authentic Albania Silver Quality Mark Award


Conference Program preparation


The program of the Conference and the mission overall was prepared in full coordination with the partners and based on the priority issues that the particular action had to tackle which were set in the previous Steering Committee Meeting.


- The Conference was attended by more than100 participants (as foreseen in the project) all representing a wide spectre of stakeholders of Vlora Region on both institutional and geographical level.

The invitees to this conference were selected by a very rich database of tourism stakeholders from  private and public sector, social society, educational institutions and media that Vlora Region and ATA have built over the past year. The Audience target groups were:

  1. Representatives of local and central authorities, esspecially communes and municipalities under the geographical coverage of the Region of Vlora. Participants from Municipalities of Saranda and Ksamil, the southernmost destinations of the region.
  2. Representatives of Greek Partners, representatives of tourism business associations in the cross border area, Greek business representatives.
  3. Representatives of social society, private organisations suppliers of tourism businesses
  4. Representatives of tourism businesses of the region (travel agents, hotels and restaurants, guest houses)
  5. Representatives of administration of parks, museuos and other attractions.
  6. Representatives of educational institutions
  7. Local and National Media representatives

Means of information:

An invitation was prepared and sent to the targeted audience by both the Regional Council & ATA. Channels of distribution and communication platforms used were websites, email, mail, social media, etc.

Conference hall and accessories:

The Audio system (mic, headphones) and presentation equipment (laptopfonia, projector) and interpreter’s booth were enabled by the facility.

Dossiers of the conference containing the following items were provided to the participants upon arrival.

·       Invitation

·       Paper

·       Badges

·       Press release

·       Presentations of the conference

·       Pen

A representative of the working group hosted the participants and registered names in the presence lists prepared for the event.




The service was provided to the audience. Simultanious translation in both English and Greek were enabled throughout the whole time.


Means of communication and visibility


A press release in two languages (Al-En)  was prepared for the media prior to the Conference and distributed by email. In addition a banner of the conference was prepared and placed in the conference hall. Spall posters were prepared and placed in the Hotel and the regional council building.

The opening of the Conference was made by the Head of the Regional Council followed by greating remarks of the partner representatives, Municipality of Corfu, BIC Epirus, ATA and INNOPOLIS. The financing of the project by the European Union in the frames of  IPA CBC Greece- Albania was clearly conveyed in their messages to the public.

Furthermore the partners emphasised for the audience and the media present in this event the fact that the project will be implemented on base of the partnership between the neibour countries. This message ensured the clear understanding and increased conscience of the public about the benefits of the territory and the role of the European Union and project partners towards the support of sustainable tourism development.     

For a increased visibility local and national media invited were facilitated with detailed  information. The local stations broadcasted the news about the event . The media present were News 24, Vlora TV which provided chronicles of the event. It is of importance to mention that the media conducted interviews with the representatives of the partners in between the sessions of the conference.

Conference Works

Prezantim nga ATA      The Conference works concentrated on informing the public about TPMN with the project, objectives,   expected results and impact on the cross border territory with respect to tourism development. The information provided and the agenda was previously agreed by all partners.

      The audience followed with great interest the works and participated actively raising questions to the panel of partners and experts invited or providing suggestions.

      The presentation of partner organisations profiles, destinations included in the territory and the project output was followed by an indepth visitor profile of the targeted markets presented by the Greek partners.The reserach was voluntarily prepared and was followed with a great interest by the audience.

      The presentation on the portal structure projection provided  a very unique and interesting tool for the destination. Businesses involved expresses a high interest for the particular tool and the actions to be undertaken by the project.

A special section was dedicated to the promotion of businesses present in the conference and in particular the businesses that had supported the initiative from the very beginning.

This presentation ensured a connection with the B2B session held during the other half of the day.

B2B Session

B2B sessions took place in Vlora International Hotel bringing together about 100 business representatives, tourism stakeholders and local government representatives from the Greek & Albanian Cross border area.

B2B meeting session in Vlora started the series of a very important component of TPNM Project activities planned to be held both in Albania and Greece.

Prior to running the B2B TPNM team welcomed the participating businesses and ran a explanatory session regarding the unified tourist destination of the cross-border Greece-Albania area and the objectives of promoting it as one to the new markets. Following thepresentation of Digital Platform objectives and expected results made during the conference, the team invited  businesses to collect their opinion and input about the platformand define selection criteria to be included in the platform.

The explanatory session was closed with a short Presentation of the participating business representatives.

It is worth mentioning that TPNM Targeting tourism flows from the Far East Markets, Russia and Middle East was confirmed to be a strategic objective and all businesses present showed interest in the unification and enrichment of the tourism product of the cross border area. Vlora in Albania and Corfu Island & Epirus Region in Greece provide together a unique alternative for the increase tourist demand of the target countries. This unification is certainly a competitive advantage for the designated destinations and active businesses can certainly join the platform freely. A profile of each can be created while an interactive map planned to be created will be a distinguishing tool.

Business to Business (B2Bs) meetings organized between tourism stakeholders from the 3 participating regions, Ionian Islands -Corfu, Epirus and Southern Albania followed. The interested parties discovered   the power of complementation, sharing their experiences and their vision.

Tourism and cultural related content was offered to TPNM consortium and political will for support was secured by the Local Authorities.

At parallel the Head of the Region of Vlora, Mr. Dimogiannis agreed to extend his mission in the project further and secure interregional backing for the TPNM initiative.

Closing this session the team announced the next b2b session which will be organized in Greece and welcomed all participants to an effort to deliver a unified touristic destination of the cross-border Greece-Albania area.




11-13 NOVEMBER, Vlore, Albania



Sunday, 11 November 2012 

16:30-19:30 Arrival of Greek Delegation in Vlora,

                  Check in at Vlora International

20:00-20:50 Coordination meeting between partners for a final rehearsal of the conference




Venue: Vlora International Hotel

Day: Monday 12 November 2012

Time: 09:30- 13:30



09:30-10:00 Registration 

10:00-10:05 Welcome speech.

                   Anesti Dhimojani Head of Vlora Region

10:05-10:10 Greeting Remarks from Mayor of Corfu

                   Mayor of Corfu

10:10-10:15 Greeting Remarks from the Albanian Tourism Association      

                  Matilda NACO ATA Executive Director

10:15-10:25 Tourism Potentials of Corfu Island

                   Mrs Alexandra Kontostanou,                                   

                   Project Manager, Corfu Municipality

10:25-10:35 Tourism Potentials of the Region of Epirus

                   Mrs Katerina Filipou,                                  

                   Managing Director of BIC Ioannina

10:35-10:45 Tourism Potentials of the Region of Vlora

                   Spiro Curra Tourism Department, Vlora Region

10:45-10:55 Presentation of TPNM Goals & Objectives

                   Matilda Naco, ATA Executive Director


10:55-11:10 Presentation of the targeted markets profile  

                   Mr. Nikolaos Petropoulos INNOPOLIS

10:10-11:30 Presentation of the portal Structure

                   IT Manager INNOPOLIS

11:30-11:40 Profile of the companies participating in the

                   Conference and B2B Sessions—ATA

11:40– 12:30 Q&A Panel

12:30– 13:30 Lunch Break




Venue: Vlora International Hotel

Day: Monday 12 November 2012

Time: 14:00 - 18:00




- Presentation of the participating business representatives

- Presentation of  Digital Platform objectives and expected results

- Presentation of website structure and applications

- Collect the opinion and input of the operators and stakeholders about the platform

- Defining selection criteria to be included in the platform




With the participation of the representatives of all TPNM Partners


Venue: Region of Vlora Meeting Hall

Day: Tuesday 13 November 2012

Time: 10:00 - 13:00




-  The status of the project implementation according to the approved timetable

-  Discuss  about efficient project cash flow and Preparation of progress reports

-  Preparation of news letter

-  Discuss in detail  about the development of the Digital Tourism Platform and the role of each partner    

-  Planning of participation in exhibitions Japan, China, Russia, Germany

-  Request by Overall Partner  to MA for amendment of the division of budget between Albanian partners





Vlora, 12 November 2012


Recently Region of Vlora in partnership with the Corfu City, ATA, INNOPOLIS & BIC Epirus, launched the start of a unique initiative on destination marketing. Tourism Promotion to New Markets –TPNM is funded by the EU and The Council of Vlora  Region is the lead partner on the Albanian side.


The TPNM project, designed to be implemented in 18 months, comes to address issues emanating from the difficulty of Cross-Border (CBC) areas to increase competitiveness as a common tourist product. The current situation exhibits a lacking of an integrated tourism marketing strategy as there are many partial operations, sites/systems of limited capabilities and outdated technology, especially when one considers the recent shift of interest in social media and the wider use of mobile phones. Given the expansion of e-tourism market and the corresponding reduction of conventional distribution channels, the current situation requires immediate and concerted action to upgrade the electronic display, management and distribution of the tourism product.

The international practice and experience in marketing management of touristic destinations requires centralized management of information for each destination through advanced and technologically state of art portals that provide geo-localized information.

The TPNM project aims to unifying the touristic product of the CBC area (Region of Vlora, Corfu and the corresponding continental part of Greece in one portal). This will increase the visibility of its touristic potential and promotion of region to EU markets and to new touristic destinations such as Russia, Japan, China; while strengthening tourism business ties in both sides.


The partners will develop an integrated web-based tourism platform which will host all the information about tourist attractions, activities and amenities of the area that nowadays is dispersed in various sites both CBC sides.  It will also incorporate a graphical presentation of monuments/interesting sites of the CBC area will use uploading on Google maps and extensive translation to languages of new tourist markets. It will also incorporate technology state of art tools, including applications for mobiles and social web media. For the best design and use of these instruments, amarketing media plan will be conducted.

In addition, business to business meetings (including targeted visits in Japan, China and Russia) will help to identify common opportunities-threats and to formulate a common strategy for the promotion of the touristic product of the area. In this dimension, having created a platform and strengthen from operational aspect, the touristic product of the area, the participation of partners to exhibitions will target to the attraction of tourists, especially from new markets. At the end of the TPNM the CBC area will have acquired an important tool integrating for the first time digitalization of all the existing sites, endorsed important synergies between tourism stakeholders for the development of a common touristic product, while it will enjoy a competitive advantage in penetrating in new markets-possible tourist origins.


The I-st TPNM Conference held in Vlora aims to present this project to the wider public reiterating the importance of collaboration between CB Area in the future.


A Business2Business Session will follow aiming to identify tourism operators on both sides and exchange ideas on how to make this tool as effective for the businesses as possible. 


Partnersof TPNM, Corfu City, InnoPolis, BIC Epirus, Region of Vlora, Albanian Tourism Association invite businesses and the wider stakeholder group to join this platform.





Vlore, 12 Nentor 2012


Se fundi Qarku Vlore me partnere Bashkine Korfuz, ATA, InnoPolis & BIC Epirus, nisen zbatimin e nje iniciative mjaft te vecante ne marketingun e turizmit destinacioneve te titulluar Promovimi i Turizmit në Tregjet e Reja -TPNM.


TPNM vjen për të adresuar vështirësite e zonave ndërkufitare Greqi-Shqiperi per rrit-jen e aftësisë konkurruese si produkt turistik i përbashkët. Zhvendosja e interesit në mediat sociale dhe përdorimi i telefonave celulare ka zgjeruar tregun e E-turizmit dhe ka rritur nevojen per menaxhimin elektronik dhe shpërndarjen e produktit turistik te ketyre zonave, te cilat reflektojne mungese te një strategjie të integruar të marketin-gut të turizmit me operime pjesore, faqe interneti me kapacitete të kufizuara e teknologji të vjeteruar.


Ky projekt eshte planifikuar te zbatohet brenda 18 muajve.  Rezultatet e pritshme nga ky zbatim do te jene ne termat e unifikimit te produkteve turistike te zones, jo vetem per shkak te permiresimit ne perfitimin e informacionit turistik por edhe nepermjet panaireve mbi potencialet turistike te zonave te perfshira; vendosja e nje bashkepunimi te rregullt e te vazhdueshem ndermjet administrative locale, NGO-ve dhe bizneseve ne zonat nderkufitare; forcimin e lidhjeve te biznesit ndermjet dy shteteve ne rajonet kufitare , me qellim sinergjine per zhvillimin e nje produkti te perbashket turistik.


TPNM do të realizoj kete mision duke unifikuar produktin turistik të Rajonit te Vlores dhe ishullit te Korfuzit ne nje portal te vetem. Kjo do te siguroje rritjen e vizibilitetit te potencialit turistik e do të promovoje rajonin në tregjet e BE dhe në destinacionet e reja turistike si Rusi, Japoni, Kine, ndersa do te forcoje lidhjet e biznesit mes zonave. Partnerët jane takuar ne datat 2&3 Gusht ne Ishullin e Korfuzit për te nisur kete projekt dhe hartuar kalendarin e aktiviteteve qe e do te zhvillohen ne kuadrin e tij.


TPNM do te realizoje: Platformë të integruar web-i te pasuruar me informacion mbi atraksionet, aktivitetet/sherbimet, strukturat mikepritese, te përkthyer në gjuhët e tregjeve te synuara dhe plotesim te saj me aplikacione për celularë, mediat sociale & web. Takime B2B per formulimin e nje strategjie te perbashket per promovimin e produktit turistik te rajonit dhe pjesemarrje ne panaire nderkombetare me synim terheqjen e turisteve nga tregjet e reja.


Ecuria e projektit do të komunikohen mes njoftimeve për shtyp e konferencave. Konferenca e radhes do te mbahet ne Vlore me date 12 nentor  2012.



ATA fton bizneset te behen pjese e kesaj platforme.



Press Release

Subject: I-st Business to Business meetings for Tourism Promotion to New Markets-TPNM



On Monday November 12, 2012 The Region of Vlora, with the support of the Albanian Tourism Association will organize business meetings – B2B in the framework of the program TPNM: “Tourism promotion to New MARKETS”, at Vlora International Hotel.

The activity held in the frames of TPNM project aims to intensify the business connections between tourism operators of the area aiming to increase competitiveness of the cross – border area, as a common tourist product, through upgrading the electronic depiction, management and distribution of the tourism product.

Project partners:

Corfu Municipality, Regional Council of Vlora – Albania,BIC - BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRE OF EPIRUS,InnoPolisNGO, Albanian Tourism Association -ATA.

B2B meetings are aiming at forming a common strategy for the promotion of the cross-border area tourism product (Epirus, Corfu, Vlora – Albania).

Entrepreneurs, who are interested in participating in this “joint effort” to promote our region, are invited to communicate with Vlora Regional Council until 10/11/2012, in order to plan respective meetings with corresponding Greek and Albanian entrepreneurs (tour operators, hoteliers).

TPNM provides Albanian stakeholders the opportunity to have b2b meetings throughout the project implementation as well as participation in International fairs.

Region of Vlora invites Vlora Tourism stakeholders to be part of this initiative and join forces to deliver a unified tourism product to new promising markets.


Dear ladies and gentlemen!
Dear representatives of the Municipality of Corfu (Mayor of Corfu)
Dear representatives of the ATA, representatives of Inno Polis, BIC

Dear participants.

I have the honor and pleasure to open this conference, a very important event  for the region of Vlora, the project partners, the entire tourism sector operating in the region,  stakeholders and the whole community of this region.

The aim of this conference is to unify the tourism product of Vlora region, the island of Corfu and Epirus region in a single Portal, to ensure increased visibility and promoting the region's tourism potential in EU markets, creating a business connection among tourist destination areas.

This collaboration aims to formulate a joint strategy for the promotion of tourism in the region becoming part of international fairs with elements that promote this sector, with attractions and tourist resources, with diversified tourist packages, common history and culture.

This project is in full compliance with Vlora Strategic Development Plan, the most important document that has been prepared by Vlore Regional Council and has received the approval of all the stakeholders involved.

This Plan was conceptualised as a development platform for the region that will serve to local government units to design develop strategic development plans at local (commune and municipal) level.

3key priorities this plan focusses the development orientation include tourism industry, agro-industry and service industries.

Vision and objectives of Vlora Strategic Development Plan make it a model to prepare the structural funds programs with Albania's EU membership, while it aims to guide all initiatives to be undertaken in the future development of the region in line with European standards.

With this collaboration we see each other as a traveler on the road of a joint regional development, wishing us all good luck in the realization of this project.


We thank you for your contribution and participation


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